Hace Enabling carry out pre-clean, soft strip and demolition as subcontractor or Principle contractor. Our management experience is vast, and it is this which we have coupled with highly trained and experienced teams to offer to our clients. Hace offers a crisp one stop shop for the soft strip process in order to de-rate a building or simply prepare it for redevelopment of demolition. Hace will carry out every stage of the process from planning through to handover to the next contractor at whatever stage this is. We have in house capability for service disconnection and temporary supply of services along with the construction of welfare in tight spaces. Hace manages and actively encourages salvage and recycling of materials to reduce the burden construction places on the environment.

Following on from soft strip we can offer the continued demolition or partial demolition of your structures. With a management team holding a huge amount of experience in this field across multiple highly technical and sensitive projects we are very well placed to manage your project and get it down to the ground. Hace will manage this from principle contractor stance by ensuring that every aspect of the demolition is correctly managed namely planning under section 80, asbestos management, structural engineering, temporary works installation and management and structural demolition be it by traditional means or modern methods of demolition such as robots or chemical bursting.



We offer a one stop shop for the Soft Strip and Demolition Projects on your sites to ensure that your project is delivered on time, within budget with a single point of contact.

  • Planning Under Section 80
  • Asbestos Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Temporary Works Installation
  • Enabling Works
  • Site Security
  • Welfare Facilities
  • All required Surveys