Hace Enabling supports our extensive client base with Compliance and Survey activities.

Within the business we have a vats amount of Compliance and Survey experience across multi disciplines and we utilise this knowledge to support all aspects of our business.

We undertake a number of these services in house and those that provided in house are provided through a robustly vetted and verified supply chain.

Key Points

  • Wide reaching compliance and monitoring service tailored to individual client requirements
  • Ensuring your business is compliant with industry regulations and government legislation
  • Delivery of the highest health and safety standards and data and security requirements
    • Lightning and Surge Protection – Installation and periodic inspection, testing and maintenance with certification
    • Fall Arrest Systems – Installation and periodic inspection, testing and maintenance with certification
    • PAT Testing and Electrical Systems testing and maintenance
    • Legionella and Water Temperature Sentinel testing including remedial works
    • Fire Extinguisher testing and replacement
    • Fire alarm and fire safety installation, testing and maintenance
    • Structural Surveys



Fall Arrest Systems

Permanently installed Fall Arrest equipment must be regularly inspected by a competent and qualified person in accordance with BS 7883:2005 and must comply with the Work at Height regulations and HSE recommendations. We have a dedicated team of professionals who provide comprehensive Fall Arrest Systems Testing.

  • Fully trained competent personnel
  • Inspection Reports for all equipment tested
  • Testing equipment
  • Eyebolt Testing Inspection and Installation
  • Building alteration and previous integrity checks
  • Inspections and Testing are conducted in accordance with current legislation and British Standards

PAT Testing

Portable electrical equipment is inspected and repaired – including heavy plant and fixed appliances up to 400v. A digital register of your appliances is created to make sure you comply with relevant codes of practice. You will therefore enjoy complete peace of mind.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Fire Extinguisher Servicing (BS 5306-3) is required to ensure that they are in good working order and are ready for use. Maintenance also ensures that they are safe for use. Fire extinguishers contain high pressures and can cause injury if they have been poorly maintained.

  • Inspections should include checks that each extinguisher:
  • Is located in the designated place;
  • Is unobstructed, visible and its operating instructions face outwards;
  • Has operating instructions which are clean and legible;
  • Is not obviously damaged;
  • Has a reading in the operable range or position of any pressure gauge or indicator fitted;
  • Has seals and tamper indicators which are not broken or missing.

Fire Extinguisher Servicing by a competent person (Usually Annually)

Maintenance should be carried out by a competent person 12 months after installation of a new fire extinguisher, and then annually thereafter.

Legionella Testing

Legionnaires’ disease is caused by bacteria of the genus Legionella which can colonize artificial water systems and equipment containing water. This standard supplies guidance on a way to conduct Legionella risk assessments, which are a legal requirement. The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 make specific requirements for risk assessment. These regulations apply to the control of Legionella and are embodied in the Approved Code of Practice and guidance document, Legionnaires’ disease: The control of Legionella bacteria in water systems, otherwise known as ACoP L8.

  • Water supply managers
  • Building engineers
  • Principle contractors, contractors, designers, installers and commissioners
  • Risk assessors
  • Health & Safety inspectors
  • Health industry managers
  • Building services engineers
  • Water treatment consultants
  • Public buildings owners and operators
  • Anybody involved in the management of private water supplies and building water systems
  • Those responsible for the safe management of water systems especially within hospitals and the healthcare industry, leisure centres, schools, swimming pool engineers, etc.

Fixed Wire Testing & Remedial Works

All electrical installations deteriorate over time. We will monitor this wear and tear to identify issues before they become a problem. This will ensure that your building remains safe and fully operational throughout the year. You will receive an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) after the testing is complete.

Our highly experienced engineers will fix any problems identified and ensure your installations are safe, fit for purpose, and compliant with UK law. We are flexible and carry out all remedial work with you in mind so your day-to-day activities are disrupted as little as possible.

Lightning & Surge Protection

Lightning is one the most powerful and destructive natural phenomenon’s which presents a real and significant risk to life, structures, operations and electronic systems.

Direct lightning strikes to structures can result in physical destructive damage, ignition of fires, explosions and risk of electric shock.  Indirect lightning strikes propagate transient over-voltages which degrade and disrupt electronic systems/services. These induced surges can radiate up to two kilometres from the actual strike zone.

Not only do our customers benefit from our survey and design services but also from our directly employed engineers that our SSSTS and HSG47 trained engineers who have the knowledge and experience to install your HV and LV earthing requirements; in a safe, competent and efficient manner.

We can provide lightning protection systems for buildings and other structures, along with surge protection which we can supply and install. Their purpose to ensure the continued function of equipment on site, the protection against damage to the building, and the safety of the people inside.

  • Geographical lightning strike risk assessments
  • Site surveys
  • System alterations and adaptations
  • Design services, specialist advice and consultancy
  • Installations to new and existing structures
  • Discreet protection measures to heritage and listed buildings
  • Sub-station earthing/electrical earthing
  • Soil resistivity surveys
  • Surge Protection Measures
  • Inspection, Test and maintenance to existing systems

Structural Surveys

We provide structural surveys both as a specific investigation or as part of a more integrated building survey project.

We provide structural surveys to give accurate details of the key elements within buildings and structures.

Our structural surveys can help to understand and solve potential issues within the structure of a building by using a range of equipment and surveying techniques.

Our surveys deliver accurate and detailed site and/or building data which is accompanied by a fully comprehensive report with recommendations and remedial actions.