At Hace we offer a range of Site Security Solutions to keep your site safe and secure.  This covers a whole host of different security options as follows:-

  • CCTV – A full CCTV set up around the site with online access to review footage and view a live feed
  • Security Station – A full time manned security station to control access and egress from site
  • Security Patrols – 24/7 Security Patrols to keep your site safe and secure at all times
  • Finger Print / ID Scanners – Finger Print and ID Scanner’s at sites with turnstile access

We are happy to discuss or provide quotation for any other security options that you have.


At Hace we offer a full range of options for Welfare facilities ranging from installation of toilets and water supply to a full office and security system set up.

We undertake all the plumbing and electrical hookups and maintain your services to ensure you are kept running for the duration of your project.

We use a modular welfare system meaning that depending on the phase of your project we can add and remove units to manage the capacity of your project at any given time.


At Hace we provide a full range of surveys to facilitate you project and site both at the enabling stage and during the project such as:-

  • Asbestos Survey – a full Demolition survey across the site in accordance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012
  • Ecological Survey – To understand what habitats exist across the site, the impact of the works, establish whether any protected species are present and to mitigate any ecological concerns.
  • Topographical / Ground Level Surveys – Provide site data and measurements for the processing and production of accurate and clear survey plans.
  • Datum Soil Sampling Investigation – Assessment of the soils on site to determine soil handling, disposal, treatment, replacement and impact assessments
  • Waste Acceptance Criteria Testing – This covers the minimum testing requirements that need to met for disposal of hazardous waste to a hazardous landfill or non-hazardous
    waste to an inert landfill
  • Compression Testing – To establish the mechanical properties of rocks and fine grained soils – Undrained strength and stress-strain characteristics

Just speak to us about your survey requirements and we would be happy to help